PP-LOGOPanoPress 1.1 has been released today and can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Directory.

This version replaces all previous versions, and is recommended for all users

This release contains many fixes for issues reported by users, thank you all for your great help!

Please share your comments and get support on our forums.


* Add support for CSS units in Panopress & Panobox, supported units: px|em|ex|%|in|cm|mm|pt|pc, the default unit is pixels.
* PanoBox will now resize itself when the window get resized or turned (panos only)
* Flash background color bug fix.
* CuTy location check added.
* Improve Android support.
* Update Google Analytics code.
* If using Panobox in fullscreen with wmode set to auto, pb well be dispalyed in window mode for better performance on large screens.
* Change ‘Use WordPress upload folder’ checkbox script, when unchecked, it will select the input text (not delete it).
* Admin CSS, disabled inputs now grayed out.
* Fixed krpano single swf dispaly (flash externalinterface bug).


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