Wordpress Plugin for 360° Panoramas with Flash & HTML 5

PanoPress 0.8 is available from the download page.

This is our first update since the launch of PanoPress on February 23rd.
It consists of several new features, bug fixes and internal code improvement.
If you are using version 0.7 please upgrade to this version.

What’s new in 0.8:
* Full support for Flash Panorama Player (FPP)
* XML checking and error reporting (admin mode only)
* Built-in notification will let you know when a new version is available.
* Better documentation.

Settings screen changes:
* The ‘KRPano folder is now called ‘Global Viewer folder’ and can be used for FPP files as well.
* ‘WP media integration’ checkbox was removed, it is now permanently active, WP media upload allows swf file uploads through your web browser in addition to via ftp

Major Fixes:
* Fixed bug in image path with pano2vr 3.0 multires folder.

* documentation available on the instructions page.


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