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    Hey Guys, at first – sorry for my bad english.
    I am testing PanoPress with PanoTourPro, but i am using the global swf mode.

    In the Pano, i am calling a JS function “test()” which is scrolling to the bottom of the page. it works fine with the flash version, but on my mobile phone the html5 version of the player is embedded with an iframe – but why? cuz if the iframe i cannot call the js function 🙁



    Sam Rohn

    hi lars

    note that panotour pro and panopress global swf will likely require modifications to your XML paths to function properly, especially with html5

    a better solution might be to modify your panotour html pages to all call the same “global” swf and js files, this would also require xml path modifications so al of your files load properly

    things have changed a bit since panopress was originally conceived, html5 and iframes have become more standard for pano display, next update of panopress will have improved support for all of the above



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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