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    I recently started using Panopress, and I’m a complete newbie. Therefore I’m finding this a struggle to grasp, and coming up against a few issues.

    1. (see pic) When embedding the code to load .swf file with a preview (panobox off) I get the button and that’s it. No preview image or tour, and when clicked nothing happens.
    (http://www.pageturnerphotography.co.uk/project/boundary-room/) most current layout.

    2. When embedding the alternative file .xml I get ERROR across the space that I embedded into. No setting changed (Global) and preview image.

    3. Trying to embed HTML provides nothing.

    I’m Using the latest wordpress update, a template called Visia, and Pano2VR 4.0 to make the tour.
    I have a client waiting to see the tour, so this is a matter of urgency.

    Also is there a recommended size of tour, as the .swf file i’m trying to use is 217MB?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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