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    I am new to using wordpress (1.5 weeks) and brand new to panopress (today)
    I have searched the internet and forums and youtube but all the info about how to use Panopress seems to assume a greater knowledge than I have and I am an intelligent man.
    Is there a step by step walk through explaining how to get a tour online. The istructions only give you the settings.
    I know for most of the folk on here tis is very basic but beleive me panopress is neither intuitive or easy and I just dont know where to start.

    Many thanks



    Sam Rohn

    see this page for a list of general tutorials related to 360° photography – http://ivrpa.org/about-ivrpa/360-vr-photography-360-video-resources/

    for instructions on using various pano display apps like pano2vr or panotour etc, you would need to see the websites for those apps

    for general instructions on using wordpress, search google, there are thousands of tutorials on every topic for every level of skill

    for specific instructions on uploading files to your web host, contact your host or consult their documentation

    panopress instructions are here – http://www.panopress.org/instructions/



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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