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    Hi there,

    I´m using WP 3.5.1 an PanoTour Pro. At the moment I´am develop on my localhost with MAMP PRO. But I don´t think that the work on localhost is the Problem. The paorama works fine.

    I also want to use Panopress for my Panos, but I can´t change the width- and height values inside of my queries.

    Both, width and height, are set to 100% inside the panopress settings.
    But on this way I can´t see the Background Picture on the screen of my side. It´s just visible if I set them to px-values in Chrome for testing.
    The Problem is that I can change the width and the height in Chrome, but it doesn´t work with my queries if I put the values, there work pretty well in Chrome, inside the queries, nothing happens. I also defined in my queries a padding-left. This works, just the width and height doesn´t work.
    Every other functions defined in my queries works very fine, just panopress will not do the job to be smaller…

    Did I have to insert my queries inside separate Queryfile, like I do now? Or should I insert them into the CSS-Box inside of the Panopress Settings? Both ways do not work:

    Which width and height are to be set in the shortcodebox?

    If I set both values in the PanoPress Settings with percent, I can+t see anything on the web side?

    I hope anybody can help me, because it´s a very nice Plug but I unfortunately can´t use it on this way…

    Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what I mean…

    Best regards

    Here are my queries with exactly the widths that I need:


    Omer Calev


    Please post a link to your testing page.




    Sam Rohn

    depending on how your theme is laid out you may need to declare the .pp-embed element inside another element, something like this

    or you can try adding !important to the style declarations like this


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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