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    Rui Pedro

    hi all,
    embedd in browser in ok but mobile devices dont work, emulated a phone in chrome and noticed a http400 while trying to get krpano.js in folder wp-content/panorama/global/krpano.js instead of the global krpano folder I supplied in settings. is there anyway to change this?


    global viewer setting

    using PP v1.2
    WP 4.1.1

    ty for your time and help ,
    Rui Pedro


    Rui Pedro

    additional info.

    the link with the pano(s)
    what i see in the page is
    in desktop it works fine. it uses swf from the specified folder in global viewer
    the xml paths only refer subfolders
    if i emulate (or use my phone) i see http://www.ruifonseca.com/wp-content/plugins/panopress/krpano.php?xml=wp-content/uploads/panoramas/2015/Palacio_Mafra/tour.xml&
    and the generated code by this php file generates this line in the header
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”../../panorama/global/krpano.js”></script>
    this src, when resolved , returns http404.


    Sam Rohn

    have you tried placing the js file in the location it is asking for in the error ?

    otherwise, you may need to edit your html and xml files with absolute paths or placeholders, relative paths can cause odd loading errors like this


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    Rui Pedro

    just added the folders and placed the .js file there and it worked…
    just dont think it is the right way though


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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