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    I am using panopress in a sidebar and a main page. When i go on the site on my iPad is says ‘This device does not support Flash’, i thought it uses HTML 5 for mobile devices. I have made sure that the preferences are in favour of mobile devices.

    Can some help me please ?


    Many Thanks



    Sam Rohn

    hi cameron

    PanoPress will not make a flash panorama html5 compatible on its own, you must make html5 yourself using the apps listed in the instructions, krpano, pano2vr, etc

    otherwise, as explained in the FAQ, we need the following information to resolve your problem

    a link to a wordpress page on your site displaying the problem

    a direct working link to your panorama outside of wordpress

    what panorama player are you using ? krpano, pano2vr. etc ?

    does your panorama work properly with ipads when you access the link to the pano directly, outside of wordpress ?


    otherwise, please READ THE FAQ 🙂


    thanks 🙂


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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