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    I’ve been experimenting with displaying panoramas in HTML5 using KRPano on my website and tried it on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy s3) and on an iPad. Two problems:-
    * on the phone, displaying within the page seems far too small, even with a responsive page design. Full screen however looks nice.
    * on both the phone and iPad absolute positioned HTML elements and elements with z-index appear in front of the panorama when in full screen. This is a known issue affecting KRPano, I am not sure if it is also an issue with other viewers.

    Anyway my suggestion for PanoPress:-
    * option to display panoramas in a new window (full page refresh) – using a very simple HTML template similar to those used for KRPano examples in the KRPano distribution.
    * option to decide when to display panoramas in a new window – e.g. always for HTML5, only if screen resolution less than X etc.

    My aim here would be to be able to:-
    * on a desktop/laptop, use PanoBox (panorama has a toolbar with option to switch to full-screen)
    * on a small-screen device, open a new window full-screen
    * when using HTML5 on a larger screen (e.g. iPad), potentially have a hybrid of open in PanoPress but be able to change the full-screen button within the panorama toolbar to open a new window.

    I am now investigating ways of achieving this myself – possibly customising the attachments.php theme template and making the KRPano logic conditional depending on screen resolution etc.



    I have now implemented this with my own code on my website. You can see this at http://www.jamesrigg.com.

    Sam I am happy to share my code with you and assist to enhance PanoPress if my approach is of interest.

    To summarise how this works on my site, for anyone interested:-
    * custom template that displays panoramas fullscreen. This is implemented using the WordPress filter hook template_include
    * the panoramas in the HTML hyperlink to the new template
    * the on-click JavaScript handler for the panoramas in the HTML decides whether to use FancyBox2 (that’s what I am using) or whether to let the user go through to the new template. The logic I use is:-
    1. check web browser being used and if Apple device, Android etc send the user through to the template
    2. check the available screenwidth and height and if less than 800 px, send the user through to the template
    3. otherwise use the popup.

    I welcome feedback and as I said above, I’d like to share what I have done in order to enhance the options in PanoPress. Currently PanoPress either displays the panorama inline within the web page, or in a popup using PanoBox. Adding the option to display in a new page and providing the ability to then customise that template, would be a powerful additional option, especially if combined with the ability to decide under what circumstances users are sent to each one.



    Sam Rohn

    hey james

    sounds great, i know a few people who prefer to display panoramas in new window and had though of something like this, thanks for sorting out the details 🙂

    but @omer is the one doing all of the actual coding at this point, probably you should drop him an email as he does not check this forum as frequently as i do, and i know he has been busy w his real job lately, and it has been a busy end of year season for me too

    otherwise, thanks again for the input, omer & i actually first met through panoguide so without that panopress might not exist at all 🙂


    Sam Rohn :: New York City
    360° Panoramic Photography :: www.samrohn.com
    Location Scout :: www.nylocations.com


    Omer Calev

    hi everyone,

    thank the input, very interesting ideas.

    i was experimenting with html5 fullscreen in pp lately and agree with @ezlxq73 that fullscreen is the best way to view panos on mobile devices.

    i’m using slightly different implementation here, instead of pulling another page with the pano, pp will open the pano’s container directly in fullscreen mode.

    this feature is controlled from panobox settings:

    Open panoramas in Panobox: on
    Use Fullscreen: on
    Don’t use Panobox for mobile devices: off

    see it here

    let me know what you think





    I tried to see the pano on http://dev.panopress.org/html5-fullscreen/ on my iPhone 6 plus (Safari and Chrome), but I got error saying that “This content requires HTML5/CSS3, WebGL, or Adobe Flash player version 9 or higher”.

    I tried Panobox full screen mode on iPhone 6 plus. I still prefer viewing panos in a new window that displays a direct html file created by krpano. Especially, the view on the landscape screen with Panobox is quite disturbing while it is quite neat neat with a pure html file on a new window.

    Kindly see attached screen shots for your reference.

    I still like to use Panobox for viewing panos on Mac/PC, so it would be nice to have an option for mobile devices not to open a pano with Panobox and instead open on a new window.

    Thank you!



    Attaching files again…



    Well, maybe it doesn’t have to open a new window, as long as the plugin can achieve the truely full width and height of the screen and have the “back” button.


    Omer Calev

    Thank you!

    We’ll add this to the feature request list for the next versions.




    Chipping in here very late, my apologies!
    Specific handling designed to improve full screen-style behaviour in mobile devices would be truly great. I’d rather this wasn’t *only* done through opening a new window (tab), as I’d rather do the full-screen thing with as light a touch as possible on the user’s browser. (It’d be a useful option to have, I just would like it as one of a couple of behaviour choices. If possible.)


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