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    After updating panopress to version 1.0 last month:

    On iphone/ipad I have a skin loading error but in my android phone and any computer it displays correctly. I tried changing the skin directory to absolute path by removing %SWFPATH% and it fixed it but funny thing is now I get the skin loading error in android. I changed it back so now the iphone/ipad issue remains. Except for the 1st tour in my home page which is working correctly in all devices after changing to absolute path, I don’t know why.


    All of my tours have a separate defaultskin.xml file inside the skins folder but some also have a duplicate defaultskin.xml written inside the tour.xml, I’m not sure if this is the cause but I doubt it because everything works since before.


    This is my website http://www.360virtualtourist.com all my tours here suddenly have the skin loading issue last month after updating my panopress plug-in for wordpress to version 1.0. I’m also contacting KRpano about this.


    I already have the required version of krpano installed for the %SWFPATH% to work since I created my website last May.

    I hope someone helps me with this problem soon.

    Thanks & regards,



    Sam Rohn

    hi james

    this is more likely a krpano issue than panopress, do you get the same behavior when loading panos directly ?

    one thing you can try is absolute urls in your xml, kinda cheating but it should work 🙂


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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