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    Arnaud Chapin

    I would like visitors of my website to share my virtualtours on their website trough embeding. Could anyone help to get a clean script or something to do that?

    I am using panotour pro.

    Thanks for help or suggestions.


    Sam Rohn

    do you mean like youtube 360cites or google maps with some kind of copy/paste iframe embed code ?

    or like facebook sharing, embedding panos in a facebook post ?

    for facebook you can use this plugin to add the og metatags needed for working fb embeds on a per post basis


    and then one of the many wordpress facebook share button plugins and you good to go

    see the facebook pano embed tutorial for more info on facebook sharing


    otherwise, we have discussed adding sharing to an upcoming version of PanoPress, so please let us know what if any specific features you would like to see



    Sam Rohn :: New York City
    360° Panoramic Photography :: www.samrohn.com
    Location Scout :: www.nylocations.com


    Arnaud Chapin

    Thanks for your answer Sam !

    I mean more like 360 cities.  Adding sharing to an upcoming version of PanoPress will be appreciated here.

    Your information about facebook is interesting tough. Thanks so Much.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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