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    I have read the forum and only saw one post on this but it doesnt answer my question.
    I have panos loaded into a clients website which is responsive – http://forsterbackpackers.com.au
    all is good on desktop, mobile devices the pano preview sticks to the allocated dimensions blowing out the responsive site on the sides.
    I know you were looking to address this in update 1.2 but is there a quick fix i can use in the mean time. Obviously i want the desktop version to look the same but just scaled down for the responsive mobile site.
    I have tried the precentage settings but that either doesnt show the preview image at all or scales it the same on desktop and mobile devices.
    Any help[ would be appreciated, ideally through the panopress CSS.



    Sam Rohn

    you will have to set up custom media queries to behave as you wish

    i have ben playing w queries a bit myself lately and when i have something solid i will try to post some good example code when ready

    for now, see the template below, you would need to define the height and width of .pp-embed inside each query as desired AND set the height and width to 100% in panopress settings, also declare !important in height and width in css, this has worked well in my own testing but specifics may be dependent on your particular theme

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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