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    I have been trying to get more than one pano side-by-side as done here ( http://photoshipone.com/aerial-panoramas/ ).

    Probably something simple, but just not working.

    My test page: http://www.comrace.ca/wp_pics/test/ – notice that they pile up one on top of another, although there is plenty of space for two (made them a lot smaller, same thing).

    I have tried putting the short codes into tables (which is inelegant but should have worked) and div’s. Might try Div’s again. I am a former programmer, now technical manager, but have never personally done serious web development.

    the WP code (where “pano” will replace “pgno”):

    Notice no spaces or CR/LF between the shortcodes.

    I have a custom CSS (per instructions at http://www.panoguide.com/r/?p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.panopress.org%2Fforums%2Ftopic%2Fresponsive-panorama-embeds-with-panopress%2F ):

    The custom CCS works – it is the correct size, and re-sizes as required (more CSS not shown).

    It’s the latest WP, latest PP, Weaver II theme, and not many plug-ins. I tried the default theme (briefly). Did not try disabling a bunch of plugins, as it is a live site.

    This is a panotour pro v1.8 tour. Any help most appreciated.



    Sam was kind enough to respond in another forum. Here is the gist of it:

    to get your panopress embeds to display in a let to right grid you could use css like this, but there are other ways to do it also, specifics would depend on your theme



    I have just hit the same problem for side-by-side pano preview displays. I would like to get 2 or 3 columns of pano previews displayed each with its title directly under it. I can get it to work OK for just one column but this would not be suitable for the number of images I have

    I can get a “two-up” display of the previews on their own using the examples in here but as soon as I try to put in titles it all goes wrong.

    I’m no HTML/CSS expert but what is happening I think is that if the title text is interspersed with the previews themselves, then they appear alternately in the “flow” and this means that the position: and float: commands start applying to the title text instead of the preview boxes and the result is a complete mess

    What is needed is the treatment of each preview image plus its title text directly underneath (for instance) to be treated as 1 element altogether and for the position: and float: commands to act on these as 1 discrete set.

    Unfortunately (and maybe because I’m not a web developer) I haven;t been able to do this

    Any suggestions ?



    I carried on experimenting to find a solution to this problem and I have come up with one that works OK for me

    This one will print a 2-up list of pano previews with titles lined up underneath each preview. Multi line titles also seem to work OK

    I’m not a web developer so this is probably quite inelegant but it does seem to work

    The only caviat is that you have to disable the “visual” in wordpress as if you switch it on by mistake it completely destroys the html code. I found a plugin to do this on a page-by-page basis which seems to work OK (but probably unsupported !)




    one of the best ways to get layout options in wordpress is using a theme such as that from elegant themes. Try Divi! https://www.elegantthemes.com

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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