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    Sam Rohn

    PanoPress Help

    If you are experiencing problems with PanoPress, please read this page and see if your issue can be resolved by trying the following steps

    Theme and Plugin Conflicts

    The most common problem with any WordPress plugin is incompatibility with another WordPress plugin or WordPress theme, so ALWAYS try disabling other WordPress plugins and try using the default WordPress theme if things are not working right, then re-enable them one by one till you discover which is causing the problem – if you find a WordPress theme or plugin which is causing problems with PanoPress, report it in the forum and we will see if it is something we can fix on our end

    Incorrect File Paths in Shortcode

    Always make sure your files exist at the path you are using by checking the file’s url directly in a web browser

    Bad Characters in Shortcode

    Sometimes the WordPress visual editor adds odd or incorrect characters to your code, use the WordPress HTML editor to inspect your shortcode and make sure it is correct

    Curly Quotes vs Straight Quotes

    Always double check the quote symbols in your shortcode, make sure you are using only straight quotes [" "] and not any kind of smart or curly quotes [“ ”], curly quotes will cause the shortcode to fail

    Check your PanoPress Settings !

    Don’t forget to inspect the PanoPress settings in the WordPress admin area under Settings > PanoPress and confirm everything is set as you expect, and SAVE your settings just to be sure

    Check Multiple Web Browsers

    make sure your problem is not with a specific browser, PanoPress 1.x is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 8, 9, & 10, etc, and most browsers on iOS & Android – please let us know if you find a problem with a specific browser or device

    Read the instructions !

    Even if you are familiar with WordPress and PanoPress please review the updated PanoPress Instructions to make sure you are not missing anything and are using the proper shortcode format for the type of panorama you wish to embed

    Search the Forums

    Look through the Old PanoPress Forums and New PanoPress Forums to see if anyone else has had a similar problem resolved

    Be Patient

    If  this is all new and confusing be patient, take the time to understand what you need to know to  run your own website and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and take a bit of time figure out how to fix them, it will give you much better control of your site and understanding of how things work rather than just hitting the panic button right away

    If you are still having problems, start a new topic (or reply to an existing topic reporting the same issue) in the forum with the following info

    Please include ALL of the following information in your post if you are reporting a problem with PanoPress:

    • Important! – Have you tried disabling other plugins and using the default wordpress theme ?
    • A link to a live page on your site demonstrating the problem
    • a working, direct link to your panorama outside of wordpress
    • An example of the shortcode that is failing
    • What panorama player are you are using (Krpano, Pano2VR, PanoTour Pro, etc) ?
    • What versions of PanoPress and WordPress are you using ?

    Please do not post your problem as a reply to this FAQ, either start a new topic describing your issue or reply to an existing topic if you are having the same problem as reported by another user

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this 🙂

    Sam Rohn :: New York City
    360° Panoramic Photography :: www.samrohn.com
    Location Scout :: www.nylocations.com


    Sam Rohn

    updated august 2013

    Sam Rohn :: New York City
    360° Panoramic Photography :: www.samrohn.com
    Location Scout :: www.nylocations.com




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