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    Hi Sam, great job! Thanks loot! I need exactly that.

    I want to pay something, beer? Did you have some donation way, PayPal, something?

    Question: I need put directly in template (php) code instead shortcode in one case. How?




    Omer Calev
    Site Admin

    Hi Zoran,

    You can embed your pano in a regular post and copy the html code from the page source.



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    Hi Omer,

    thanks! How did not I think of that? I’ll try that.



    Sam Rohn
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    another way to insert panopress shortcode as php in wordpress theme template files is like this

    i havent played w this too much, but it should also allow grabbing post featured image etc w a bit of modification

    this technique should also work with most other wordpress shortcodes

    ps – i modified the title of this topic for better search results


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    Thanks Sam, I will try this way. Meanwhile, the method proposed by Omer works: http://sunset-centar.com


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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