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    When I open a page with the PanoPress plugin it just opens a copy of my website in the window.

    •Have you tried disabling other WordPress plugins and using the default WordPress theme ?
    Yes, I have disabled all plugins and set theme to TwentyFourteen – it still failes
    •A link to a live WordPress page on your site demonstrating the problem
    Live Link – http://kjos.biz/galleries/panorama/chicago-river/
    •A working, direct link to your panorama outside of WordPress
    Working Link – http://kjos.biz/wp-content/uploads/panos/lsd_pano/Chicago_River.html
    •An example of the shortcode that is failing
    Short Code – pano file=”panos/lsd_pano/Chicago_River.html”
    •Which panorama player are you are using (Krpano, Pano2VR, PanoTour Pro, etc) ?
    I am using KRpano
    •Are you using latest versions of WordPress and PanoPress ?
    I am using WordPress 4.0 PanoPress 1.2 and KRPano 1.18 – all the latest versions

    I have disabled all plugins other than PanoPress and set theme to TwentyFourteen until I hear back from you.
    The Menu on my site to get to the affected page is – Galleries, Panoramas, Chicago River

    I appreciate any assistance you can offer!



    I found the issue – it was a bad ” in the short code.

    It was revealed when I looked at the source for the page.

    I apologize for not reviewing all possible issues prior to submitting a problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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