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    Is there a way to get PanoPress to work with Featured Images in Portfolio posts? I know I can use the shortcode in the text of a post but that doesn’t take advantage of any of the convenient formatting options available for Portfolio posts. If I use featured images and don’t reference a preview in the PanoPress shortcode, I can get the “play” button to display with the description text but not within the frame of the featured image. In addition it appears to ignore custom CSS for the custom play button if the Panopress shortcode does not include the preview.

    PanoPress is working fine for me when using normally so I don’t have a link to a “problem” to provide. However some kind of a workaround, if it is possible, would be nice.

    I’m using, Pano2VR and PanoTour Pro and the latest versions of WordPress and Panopress.



    Hi nagoyajin,
    have you find a solution yet?
    I stumbled upon your question today (searching for something different actually), and I think I can give you a solution, as I just did something like that.

    However, I am not quite sure that my solution is genereally valid or maybe it only works in my theme? I use the “Fluxus” theme.

    If I create a portfolio page, under section “Project media” I can add images and videos to it.
    Videos (Youtube etc.) are added using an iframe.
    In the same iframe construct, you can add a panorama instead of a video.
    So, click “Add video”, then insert code like
    <iframe src=”URL_OF_YOUR_PANORAMA.html” allowFullScreen></iframe>

    Hope this helps. 🙂


    Sam Rohn

    if you are talking about jetpack portfolio custom post types or other CPT or post formats etc, you would need to customize your theme template files to include the panopress shortcode

    this requires experience editing wp theme files, try using the wp do_shortcode function and a wp custom field containing the pano url should do the trick, but the details would be specific for your theme


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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