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    sorry for my bad English

    I entered the code, you see Annex in wordpress last relase, works fine with Firefox and Chrome pero no work with IE10.
    Why does this happen?, Thanks

    Link web:



    Sam Rohn


    i am a mac user myself so i cannot test IE 10, we would need a better description of exactly what is not working or at least see a screenshot

    does the pano you are trying to embed display properly in IE10 when viewed directly, outside of panopress ?


    if not, visit the Pano2VR forums for more info on Pano2VR HTML5 & IE 10 compatibility


    you also might want to use a full page html template with your panos, this will allow panos embedded w panopress to properly fill the embed area, this is an export option in Pano2VR

    if it your pano does work normally  in IE 10 outside of panopress, let us know and try to get us a better description of what is not working and we will try to get it fixed asap, panopress should be 100% compatibility with all modern browsers


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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