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    Hello, i’m having an issue with the virtual tour on my website since about a week without doing anything.

    I have a virtual tour with 3 hotspots. and then i click on the hotspot, it no longer access the next swf file and i haven’t changed a bit on that virtual tour.

    i’ve tried on different browser thinking it might me an issue on safari. But same thing happens. As well as on another computer. As i havent edited anything on the specific virtual tour folder, i think it’s more a wordpress bug then.

    I’ve updated my wordpress to 4.1 today thinking that might be an issue.. but no solution.

    could anyone help me please?



    Sam Rohn

    as explained in the help guide, we really need to see links etc to try to help with this sort of thing…


    IMPORTANT – Please include ALL of the following information in your post if you are reporting a problem OR need help with PanoPress:

    • Have you tried disabling other WordPress plugins and using the default WordPress theme ?
    • A link to a live WordPress page on your site demonstrating the problem
    • A working, direct link to your panorama outside of WordPress
    • An example of the shortcode that is failing
    • Which panorama player are you are using (Krpano, Pano2VR, PanoTour Pro, etc) ?
    • Are you using latest versions of WordPress and PanoPress ?



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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