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    Rui Pedro

    been working in a xml generator in php with mySQL and now i’d like to put it working in my wordpress site using krpano

    i uploaded lots of panos (441000 pics 🙂 ) and now it would be great to see it working

    i made myseld a test file to show the issue in here

    the wordpress post has 2 embeds (copied bellow)
    [ pano file=”p.php?params=id–510f1331-d3a9-4d68-b0c8-9f969597d2f7$$lang–pt—“]
    [ pano file=”http://www.panoramapalace.com/wp-content/kr/a.html” ]

    the a.html refers the same p.php with same parameters to build the image

    if i embed the html file it goes ok.. if i pass on the p.php to generate the file fo panopress it wont show up nothing (nada de nada… not even an error)

    the a.html is not on my panopress “root” setting but is working (as you can see)
    the p.php is in the root and, apparenttly it runs because if i move it or delete it it gives me an error

    wordpress 3.5.1 panopress 1.1

    thank you all for your time


    Rui Pedro

    hi all….
    been trying out new things
    – corrected http header information -> xml file
    – formatted xml with utf-8
    – validated xml online here http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_validator.asp and got no errors
    – included another panopress shortcode using the generated xml saved to a simple xml file and works (not the images but i know they are out of place)

    now i got a messy output showing a part of my generated xml file



    Omer Calev


    If you link a .php file PP will show it in an iFrame regardless of its HTTP headers, you can use php do the DB & XML generation and output complete HTML page that will be correctly displayed in the iFrame.



    Rui Pedro

    so… all i got to do is, basically, generate the file “a.html”?
    this is.. a pano div and a bit of javascript krpano uses to put the pano there, right?

    thanks Omer


    Omer Calev

    Basically yes, if you don’t need to generate dynamic content from database, you can just link to an html file with div and krpano js, alternatively you can link directly to krpano XML and let PP do the rest.

    see example here http://www.panopress.org/examples/krpano-examples/



    Rui Pedro

    tks again for your time , Omer.

    i been in the examples pages

    😀 i dont have a xml file… i generate it with php.. since it has a php extension PP will present it in a iframe… so i need to make php generate a html file similar to the one krpano generates automatically

    i changed my example to 2 embeds…. 1 html file and other to generated html file

    the embed html file is this one and, open simply in browser it works

    embed the plain HTML file and the querystring i pass to my phpXMLbuilder is lost in the way.. this query string is hardcoded in my html file

    embed the phpHTMLbuilder that call the phpXMLbuilder and i get security error ( the solution i’d like because i’d like to embed something like file=”kr/htmlgenerator.php?ppalace=id–510f1331-d3a9-4d68-b0c8-9f969597d2f7$$lang–en—” )

    but.. they are all stored in the same website…
    i even added a cross domain from my site to my site (yuck 🙂 )

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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