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    I am not a native (english speaker), so I first apologize for the broken english, and it also imply I will have to be verbous when explaining our problem.

    Because panopress use short code, when we cache a page with panopresse (such as http://www.phuket.net/360/beaches-places/beaches/layan/) it may have problem depending of witch device opened it first (having the black screen with the licence error).

    I implemented one year ago an quick hack with the .htaccess, and the url is rewritten as (http://www.phuket.net/360/beaches-places/beaches/layan/?meti=07). While it nullify any caching (and so slowing down those pages), that kind of pages are not visited much, and provide no revenues.

    But we do have a part of your website that is having a good amount of visitors (and growing), and that generate important revenue : http://www.phuket.net/property/profile/3-bed-golf-course-townhome/ for exemple

    As we moved to increase the caching (better speed), we also started to have the same problem, and here it is not possible to nullify the cache (or even using the TIME_SECONDS from .htaccess). In fact the only workable solution seems to call with AJAX the pano code.

    I was expecting to get as return the html + movie from panopress. Alas, I only got [pano width=100% height=420px …. on the screen,

    Obviously I am doing something utterly wrong.

    Unless I wrote a typo somewhere, I am not looking for code but more to an explanation on : what is wrong in my reasoning, what is the correct reasoning and why, and most of all if it possible to use panopress that way (called by an ajax)?

    thanks a lot



    I think there is the need to explain more what I am trying to achieve :

    instead of having <?php //echo do_shortcode($pano_shortcode); ?> with $pano_shortcode being the the [ pano …], I am looking to call (with ajax) a dynamically generated virtualtour, depending on the browser.

    So my first try was with AJAX, but failed.

    I forgot to precise we are usign WordPress.

    I would tend to think it is the do_shortcode() that is not reconized in the external file, am I right or wrong? If that is, does a direct call to the correct function will solve the problem?



    Sam Rohn

    hi sting

    i think @omer will have to look at this one

    (also fixed your post a bit, added “pre” tags for code highlighting)



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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