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    Omer Calev

    PanoPress 1.0 has been released today and can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Directory.

    This version replace all previous versions, and is recommended for all users

    This release contains many fixes for issues reported by users during its beta phase,  thank you all for your great help!

    We’ve moved PanoPress onto the WordPress plugin directory, so future updates will be available through normal WordPress update notifications

    Please share your comments and get support on our forums.


    * ‘No skin’ bug in iPad pano2VR fixed.
    * Internet Explorer 8-9 compatibility problems fixed.
    * Spaces in file names support.
    * ‘Only one active panorama per page’: when no preview image PP will play the first pano on the page.
    * Panobox CSS improved.
    * Add PP_FILE_TYPE_FILTERING flag in panopress.php, to allow deactivate file type filtering.
    * Add support for trailing slash in URLs.
    * Add Esc key press to close Panobox.
    * Add link to settings in plugins page.


    [See the full post at: PanoPress 1.0 release notes]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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