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    Using your good plugins I found that IFRAME calculated size is wrong.
    The IFRAME width must be less than container width.
    The width must be (container width) – (padding*2+border*2).
    Also IFRAME height must be decreased of (padding*2+border*2)
    Using a panobox where include HTML file is rendered full screen (tested with Pano2VR and PtGui html file), the right side of IFRAME is over the right side of panobox.

    The same problem is on this site: http://rapturousmedia.com/services/360-aerial-photography/
    (Link taken from another post)



    Omer Calev

    Thanks Alessandro,

    We’ll check that.




    Hey Omer, has there been a fix for this issue? It is still occuring for me.



    I have been having this problem for years. I have decided I really need a fix for it.

    It just takes that 10% off of my professional 360 services site to have the iframe not fit on my own panos :-/

    This post is 9 months old now… The link posted still has the problem and I don’t see a solution here.

    Have you found a solution mrcthompson? or Omar?

    Thanks for any help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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