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    I have the following problem, only in IE10. The pano (krpano) is loading and working ok. But the moment i click the close button, the pano itself stays on the screen.
    You can see it on the following link: http://www.scab-pano.nl/voorbeeld-pagina
    I’m using: wp 3.5.1 and PanoPress 1.1. No other plugins activated with the twenty twelve theme.
    The direct link for one of the three panos: http://www.scab-pano.nl/wp-content/panoramas/camper/camper.html

    The code on the page:
    pano file=”kamer/kamer.html” width=”320″ height=”240″ preview=”kamer/preview.jpg” panobox=”on”

    Can you give me some hints, to solve this problem?




    Sam Rohn
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    both of your links are failing, they just go to main http://www.scab.nl page

    i do not have access to IE 10 to test this right now as i am on a mac, but all of our testing in IE10 has not shown this problem


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    I am seeing the same using IE10. Works fine in other browsers

    Examples at http://viewaround.co.uk/moorside/


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    Thanks for replying. I had an ip denial in the .htaccess of that site. But in the meantime i know it has nothing to do with panopress 😉
    I had made the pano’s with krpano. When i made the panos with ptgui, the problem didn’t occur. The result of one of the panos’s you can see on the following page:


    When i have more time i will look why the krpano pano gives this issue.



    Omer Calev
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    Hi Sytze,

    Try to link to the XML file instead of the HTML.



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    Hi all

    I’m new to PanoPress, but I must say that it doesn’t function bad. I have some strange behavior:
    – If I use the HTML File and the PanoBox enabled, on the Windows PC I can click on the Preview Image and the tour starts loading in the PanoBox. Only in IE10, I cannot close the tour. On the IPad I see no preview Image, and the tour starts loading directly in the given Dimention.. Not nice…

    – I I use the XML File, on PC music starts loading, stops playing directly. Closing the Tour in IE10 on the PC functions well. On The IPad I see an Error.. ./plugins/soundinterface.js – Loading failed..

    Take a look here to check it: http://www.vanhees.ch/virtual-tours/

    Is there somebody out there who has solved these issues? It would be really nice to see these problems solved 😉

    Thanks in advance!



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    I changed the path to the testpages to http://www.vanhees.ch/virtual-tours/hotel-alpha-luzern/

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