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    how can i put my Pano (see http://panorama-rundblick.de/flaechenpanorama) embedded in a frame with shadow? Is there a ccs code or the like for under Insert Panopress settings?
    Thanks for help


    Omer Calev
    Site Admin

    Hi Thomas,

    paste this code in the CSS box on the settings page:

    take a look here for more info



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    thanks Omer,
    but, I like more with border, like this one http://www.panopress.org/ . The shadow shows below and right from border.

    Have you perhaps this code to embedding?

    greetings, Thomas


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    Hi Omer,
    I have found it, thanks to Google Chrome browser Mode (investigating) 😉


    Greetings Thomas


    Sam Rohn
    Site Admin

    parts of the code posted above may also be unnecessary or not work as expected with your particular theme css, so best to experiment a bit and see what works best

    note that you do not need the transition: elements unless you also add an additional pp-embed:hover pseudo-class like below

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    hi Sam,
    many thanks for your help. I have just the minimum of embedded code and the display is still the same. So the second option will not be wrong.
    Cool your profile picture, this type there is no longer a little while;-)
    Many greetings from Germany,

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