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    Hi all,

    I get a page 404 mistake all the time, having spent a lot of time reading instructions and other posts. Now I need help, please.

    So what went wrong, what did I do – or not?

    My program is panotour pro.

    1. First I uploaded both a built-folder named Ebitourdata and an html-page named Ebitour.html to my webspace.

    path: http://bullibeginner.de/wp-content/uploads/pano/Ebitour.html
    This worked out – you can see the tour with this link.

    2. The settings of the panopress plugin on my wordpress website:

    I dod not change anything else.

    3. Link within a post:

    Javascript not activated


    Result: a play button appears, a new box opens, showing “startpage >>404 page not found”

    There must be a mistake I made with either the settings (folder?) or the way I placed the link in the post.

    I would be VERY HAPPY if someone could give me a hint how to solve this problem.

    Greetings from Hamburg in Germany!




    Hi all, problem is solved. it needed a wordpress specialist to do it. I could’nt. In case anyone is interested:

    1. settings, advance options. Exactly this writing in “Folder”: wp-content/uploads/pano .

    2. pano file=”http://www.MY-WEBSITE.de/wp-content/uploads/pano/MY-PANORAMA.html”

    Have fun!



    I have the same problem, but I can’t view the picture that explain the solution!



    even i have been getting lots of 404 errors in Google webmaster tool initially I don’t know how to move 301 propely it resulted from my site apkpure with lots of soft 404 errors in GWT

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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