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    I’ve build a panorama popup with panopress plugin for wordpress. Used a xml doing so.
    I use adapted the Pinboard theme from OneDesign.
    Look at:

    First I had the errors with curl and open base dir remarks. My hostprovider does not want to lower his guards to these functions (‘no way and not necessary to use those functions in software like this’, he litterally said). So I changed the paths in my xml to absolute paths and commented out line 150 or so with this function.

    Now the errors are gone and on my PC the panorama’s popup like a charm.

    Except when I look at the page on my mobile phone (HTC One X with Android) with Chrome or with the standard browser.

    Then I see a still (single picture) in the popup and not a moving panorama.

    How can this be explained?


    Sam Rohn

    android compatibility is not about panopress but is a matter of the panorama player you are using, krpano, pano2vr etc vs specific android browsers on specific versions of android os on specific devices, make sure you are using the latest version of krpano etc, and see the documentation for details on android compatibility

    try accessing your panorama via direct link outside of wordpress or panopress and confirm that it works properly on its own on your android device


    you also might have better luck embedding your pano as .html, this should also get around the curl errors with your host


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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