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    I realized that my wordpress front page got very slow and tried to analyze the reason. in manual testing (deactivating plugin) and also in performance testers it appeared that Panopress slows down the speed. I have 27 panoramas in front page. Performance analysis showed in average 15 seconds spent for Panopress plugin. I tested by leaving 4 panoramas – page was opening almost instantly. Then tried 14 – there was quite difference in speed.

    What I realize as the main issue – the page doesn’t open until all images are downloaded. In other words – all panorama preview images should be downloaded. Only after this stage the page appears in one moment. So while this happens in background – a user visiting page needs to wait ~20 seconds and after then the page appears. If the page would download images after page is shown/opened – then the completing of page download would be seamless.
    I tried WordPress caching, even image CDN service – but no efficient difference.
    Which solution could be offered?
    Using Panopress 1.2, WordPress 4.2.3.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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