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    I got problems in the past with panopress on iDevices so I’ve wroten my own extension.
    But I just give a try and got a lot of problems.
    So, here are the infos

    Wp 3.5
    Lang : FR
    All other extenstion disabled
    Theme : default twentytwelve
    URL : http://thionville.vue-360.com/marche-de-noel-2012/
    Working pano : http://thionville.vue-360.com/wp-content/panoplayer/krpano.swf?xml=/wp-content/panoramas/MarcheDeNoel01/source.xml
    ShortCode : [pano file="MarcheDeNoel01/source.xml"]
    Player : KRPano
    Panopress : version 1.0 installed from repository

    Text diaplayed :


    Sam Rohn

    im not sure what you mean by “wrote your own extension”, or what this extension does, how it works, or what problems it might cause ?

    what probs were you having w panopress & ios ? give us some details and im sure they can be sorted out

    i also don’t see the errors you are describing on your page, but i believe they have something to do with your themes header file ?


    when i embed the absolute url to your pano it works fine

    Javascript not activated


    Javascript not activated


    are you using global swf mode in panopress ? try turning it off and see if that helps

    also make sure your pano upload folder is set properly


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    360° Panoramic Photography :: www.samrohn.com
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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