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    I’m using WordPress (latest update) and the Visia Theme (1.1.0 by Bitfade).
    I have uploaded a HTML Pano2VR tour, and that works perfectly on my Destop PC and others, but the tour will not load on my android phone (Samsung Gal S4), or my Ipad3. It shows the panobox with a flash player download button in top left.

    I have tried the .xml and .swf versions too. They work and load on mobile devices, but you cannot move around the tour like you can on the PC (navigate using hotspots, transitions from one pano to the next). It tries to open another window, and throws up a not found error. Is it trying to load the next pano in another window? How would I rectify this for mobile devices.

    See here for example: http://www.pageturnerphotography.co.uk/home/portfolio/360-tours/

    I’m really confused, please help.



    Sam Rohn


    your page returns a 404 not found error, so i cant see anything

    make sure your pano loads properly on the device on its own outside of wordpress/panopress, not all pano players are compatible with all android browsers, check the documentation for your player for more details


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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