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    I tried searching for this but didn’t find anything. With a KRpano and PanoPress, I’m getting a dialog box at the bottom of the pano with info and error data. I’m not sure if that’s from KRpano or Panopress, but I don’t see it when viewing the KRpano in my browser (without WP or PP).

    How can I hide this? Is this coming from PP or KRP?

    I tried this in my PP settings to no avail:

    .pp-error {

    I have the latest versions of WP and PP. Here’s the page where I get the info/error box (it doesn’t show up right away): http://www.patrioticearthling.com/test-2/

    I know the pano is missing some tiles, but this is only a test, I’ve got a really slow Internet connection. Will be buying KRpano shortly, and learning more about it; if it’s an issue with that app I can take it up at their forum.


    Sam Rohn

    what you are describing is the krpano log window, nothing to do with panopress

    you can view the krpano log at any time while viewing krpano by pressing the “O” key, this will show you version and license info OR it might come up on its own to display errors

    it is probably showing you errors about files not loading etc, if you are embedding your pano as xml try html and see if that helps

    otherwise, read the error messages and see what they are talking about, you may need to adjust some paths in your xml to make things work properly but this should not be required if you are using krpanotools droplets


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    OK, thanks for the feedback.

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