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    I have been trying to add a Panorama to my WordPress home page using this PanoPress plugin but have not gotten it to work yet. I do not have a lot of experience with word press, so I may be hitting against my own inexperience in that area, but the net effect is I have not been able to add the pano.

    I purchased a KRPANO license and created a folder of content with the KRPANO software which does work locally. When I try to add the pano to the page, I drag and drop the [PP] icon to the page which starts up the panopress form for gathering the appropriate info to generate the pano, but when I am done filling it out and hit the insert button, (which is not visible on the form without scrolling by the way), the form is just redisplayed empty and gives no indication of what problems it may have encountered.

    I imagine it is a path issue and I am not specifying it properly, but I don’t really know. The form just gets blanked out. If it is a path issue, is there a way to browse to the file and let the path be decided from that?

    Mark Saxton


    Sam Rohn

    hi mark

    the problem you describe with the panopress [PP] insert pano button and broken form in wordpress fancy editor is caused by a conflict with your wordpress theme or another wordpress plugin

    please see the PanoPress help guide & FAQ for info on how to troubleshoot this issue, and please include the requested info and links etc if you have any further questions


    otherwise, you can always insert the shortcode by hand, like this

    see the panopress instructions page for more shortcode examples



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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