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    Hi Sam

    Hope you can help. I have been informed that with some of my recent projects the gyroscope is not working. The older projects work fine.

    The projects were created in panotour pro 2.53. If the html page is loaded normally, rather than embedded with panopress onto a wordpress page, it works fine. The gyroscope icon displays, however is greyed out so that it will not depress. These are standard icons from kolor. Also the vr button is not loaded.

    I have read some notes from elsewhere saying that iOS 9.2 doesn’t allow the gyroscope sensor to work on iframe content. http://krpano.com/forum/wbb/index.php?page=Thread&postID=66095#post66095 Do you think it is possible to put the code from the original html page into wordpress to make things work?

    Hope you can help and many thanks!

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