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    hi, panopress plugin is compatible with new krpano fullscreen html5 support?

    “Notes about <iframe> usage: When trying to use the HTML5 Fullscreen mode from an viewer within an iframe, it is necessary to add the allowfullscreen parameter (and the non-standard browser versions of it) to the <iframe> declaration. This tells the browser that this iframe is allowed to switch to Fullscreen mode.”


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    what exactly do Ive to do that fullscreen mode with new krpano / PTP2 is working again?

    here it`s not working any more: http://www.360erleben.de/tag-der-deutschen-einheit-feier-stuttgart-360-panorama/



    Sam Rohn
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    we will be updating panopress for better compatibility w latest html5 fullscreen soon, stay tuned…


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    I look forward to this 🙂


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    I am also looking forward to HTML5 fullscreen compatibility in the next update. Any idea when it might be released?

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