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    I’m doing a panorama of the library of the school I’m a teacher in but I have 2 problems.
    – Full screen button doesn’t work in mobiles
    – And it doesn’t fit in mobiles.

    I saw this panorama at http://www.panopress.org/example/pano2vr-examples/
    And it adjusts perfectly in mobiles and full screen button works too.
    My problem is only in mobile devices.

    Could you please give some tips on how to fix that?
    I’m using Pano2VR and WP plugin PanoPress.

    My panorama at http://www.raulnunes.com/2015/02/biblioteca-da-esc-sec-valbom/ it’s very large in mobile devices. It does not automatically adjusts to mobile screen.

    Raul Nunes


    Sam Rohn

    hi raul

    this pano seems to display fine on my iPhone 5s running latest iOS 8.x

    specifics of mobile display would be dependent on your theme and CSS, i see that part of your pano is clipped in horizontal orientation, fixing that would require some custom responsive CSS added to your theme as explained here


    html5 fullscreen is a function of pano2vr or other panoplayer, and compatibility is dependent on your device and that device OS and browser version etc, not panopress, panopress DOES add the proper “allowfullscreen=”true” in embed code for html5, but every 12 months something is broken by device os or browser version updates etc, and pano app then typically requires an update by the pano app author etc, so best to ask the pano2vr folks about why fullscreen might be misbehaving…


    it is also very possible that some other wordpress plugin or your wordpress theme MAY be interfering here, so it is always advisable to check everything with ALL other plugins disabled and using default wp theme, as explained in the panopress troubleshooting guide




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    Thank you very much! I’ll check that!

    All the best!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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