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    Being inspired by Sams webside I decided to take 360 shoots. – but all that is very new to me.
    I have latest version of WordPress on Fillezilla, latest Panopress and Im using Panotour pro.
    While I loading desktop setting everything is ok
    but when im using mobile devices setings on panotour , after loading on wordpress it shows :
    ” Fatal: X.xml – loading error( IO error )”
    I belive it is something very basic, as I said Im interesting in WP since last Wenensday
    Thanks in advance


    Sam Rohn

    are you embedding panotour pro as XML ? you must use html embeds for panotour pro, and if you are using a demo version of PTP HTML5 for mobile will not work

    please see this post, we need to see ALL of the info requested, direct link to embed page on your wordpress site, direct link to pano outside of wordpress, etc –




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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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