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    This thread only concern panos hosted on external websites.

    I have problems displying panoramas the way I want so I decided to try several websites and see how it goes.

    IMPORTANT !!!!

    For all URL, don’t forget to add a / at the end, else it won’t display anything.

    – Gigapan:

    1) Using the direct URL

    The result is a decent sized viewer in the panobox, however the top displays some of Gigapan website and the full screen button doesn’t work.

    2) Using their embed link

    Using the first part of their embed link gives a rather small pano in the panobox. Who cares, there is a full screen button. However this button is cut, which means if you don’t know it’s there, you can’t click it. I didn’t manage to embed their code after viewer size customization on their on website. Here again I mean the Gigapan viewer, not the Panobox.

    – Pan0.net

    Embedding a pan0.net link strangely opens their website when the panobox is triggered. Their is a fullscreen option then. The result is nice, but would be better to be able to display full screen without this extra step.

    – 360Cities

    Doesn’t accept non spherical panos, so for me it’s useless.

    – Viewat.org

    They have the best display, fitting panopress greatly, with controls and full screen options at hand. Unfortunately their free membership only allows files up to 10MB. A shame, because it’s the best display. I mean – my smallest decent panos are 60MB and I doubt I could compress them down to 10MB.

    – Tourwrist

    Like Viewat, the display is incredible. I’m checking out if they accept non-360 stuff but I can’t seem to manage to register. I don’t understand either if it’s only for smartphones.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.



    Seems I can’t edit my post anymore. Unable to upload files on pano.net, I tried downgrading quality and size down to 16000px long edge and 7mo… website looks shabby too…

    Concerning viewat there free account allows files up to 10mb so I’ll try a bit.

    Gigapan is bst for free big hosting, just need to make it work…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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