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    Hi Sam!,

    I have latest version of WordPress on Fillezilla, latest Panopress and Im using KRPANO.
    While I loading desktop setting everything is ok

    see in here : http://www.spindonesia.com

    But when u open in mobile /iphone/ipad after loading on wordpress it shows :
    ” Fatal ERROR: XML oarsing failed! ”

    But when i open direct not in wp html 5 work for me, so maybe its panopress configuration
    please help me Sam.

    Thanks a million!



    And 1 more thing

    i open this page :

    its WORKS LIKE A CHARM in my phone
    and its krpano right? i right clicked and view source:

    And paste it to my post.
    Openit in mobile and you know ? “it aint work”
    this device doesnt support flash :,(
    but why the example page work, im just curious to know the code…
    this thing frustated me so much. Can you give the code that you use in that Example page Sam?

    I know this one doesnt simple

    Thanks for your help and kind attention


    Sam Rohn

    hi kaotsen

    yes, pasting that html code into post on your site would not work as it is calling some files locally on the panopress server, but it is just a normal panopress shortcode in the post

    either shortcode like you posted should work fine, sometimes using .html instead of .xml embeds can clear up some odd problems, so try using html instead of xml files in your shortcode if that is the case

    otherwise, we would need to see a direct link to a panorama that is working properly on iphone/ipad on its own outside of wordpress, but failing when it is embedded via panopress in order to understand if panopress may be causing this issue, but no one else has reported panopress causing probs w html5 or mobile

    it is also possible your theme or another plugin is interfering somehow, so it is also always a good idea to test with default wp theme and other plugins disabled as explained in the panopress FAQ



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    AH GLAD IT SOLVED NOW, got some error in XML code!!!
    thanks SAM you ROCK!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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