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Panopress Instructions updated August 2012
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn May 2012
    finally got around to doing a small but long over due update to the panopress instructions, more info on using pano2vr & panotour pro, html5, paths, uploading, shortcode usage etc

    1.0b2 is on the way soon, but i hope this helps clarify things a bit for now

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Hi Sam,

    I have a suggestion: Have you considered creating a "how to" instructional video? This would be most helpful for people like me who are not as familiar with all the web jargon (imbbed, directories, xml, etc etc) and would find it much easier to watch someone illustrate on video as they instruct. A good example of that is the Pano2VR instructional videos.

    I am so close to getting it "all" but seeing someone go through it visually and with audio, step by step with the ability to replay segments, is priceless: "One picture is worth a thousand words."

    Perhaps some of your followers can volunteer to do segments :). I am willing once "I get it."

    My interests are in visual creations, (photography, video) not an education in web creations, so its quite pailful to have so many obstacles in the process trying to show my work on a website. The good news is, i do my best to embrace the new technology as frustrating as it is sometimes in keeping up with it.

    I used iWeb up till now which was quite straight forward, but trying to figure out HTML5 etc is a bit of a stretch right now. (maybe i should hire a webmaster and call it a life? :)

    Anyways, thanks for listing, and hope that I may have inspired you to help those who are in the same place that i am.

  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn May 2012
    hi marcel -

    it is not always apparent to me what parts of the procedure are not obvious to others, and running a website does require some time invested in learning a bit of the specialized knowledge required, as does creating 360° panoramas in the 1st place

    i've also found that maybe 90% of the questions here are actually questions about using pano2vr, krpano, panotour pro etc or about wordpress or FTP, server issues, etc, not about panopress specifically, and writing a general beginners guide to creating panoramas or running a website is not my goal here, plenty of documentation on all of these subjects elsewhere :)

    detailed descriptions of how to use ftp for example, inconceivable to me that someone could have their own website but not know what ftp is or how to use it or not spend a bit of their own time doing research on google for an answer if they don't know (as i always do when encountering something new i want to learn about), and the more time i spend trying to understand how to answer such questions takes away from time i might spend doing other things

    but these questions do keep coming up, i finally got around to analyzing the most commonly asked questions which may have seemed obvious to me but are apparently not so obvious to others and incorporated this into revising the documentation

    also, panopress is still in development, and things can change a little bit from time to time, omer & i have both been busy w other things lately, but new beta will hopefully be released before summer of 2012

    im not much of an educator myself, i typically prefer beating my head against a wall (reading and re-reading something over and over until i get it) to asking questions, and i feel learning how to figure things out on ones own is more important and a greater benefit than someone just handing me answers, it may take time but it is worth it in the long run :)

    and im not really up to speed w preparing tutorial videos, another time consuming hobby i could have fun with im sure, at some point we may do some video documentation when things stabilize a bit, but we have other things on the table at the moment

    otherwise, please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, like i said it is not always obvious to me what folks are "not getting", and this feedback is very important, thanks :)


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Hello Sam,

    Thank you for your detailed response. 

    OK, here is my last obstacle: I am trying to find out the path/link that I need to attach to my thumbnail but I do not see one. I created one but it did not work. I read some of the forums and did my best to follow.

    I uploaded my folder that I created with Pano2VR (html5 with flash fallback) via ftp filezilla. I can see the path in in Remote site: "/wp-content/uploads/2012". I added and got " pano test" hoping to link them, but i got an error message.


    Is there a way to generate the link?

    I also tried the PP window with no luck



  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn May 2012
    that image link is to a local file on your mac, not sure why you are seeing that

    a few points

    first, you are better off avoiding spaces in file names, use dashes instead like "my-pano", not "my pano", web urls convert a space into "%20", so "my pano" becomes "my%20pano", using dashes in all your filenames online will save you lots of headaches down the road

    you need to find tha actual link to the file you want to use, you cannot link to just a directory, so if you have a file in your directory called my-pano.jpg and that is the image you want to use, link to that image as your preview, and link to the html file as your panorama

    like this

    assuming your pano folder in prefs is the default wp-content/uploads

    and you had uploaded a pano like

    wp-content/uploads/path/my-pano.html (also .jpg in same folder)

    the direct working link to the html file would be like this

    you would use the shortcode like this

    [pano file=path/my-pano.html preview="path/my-pano.jpg"]

    re-read the docs again, ive been updating them a bit more, read and re-read until it all makes sense, try different paths that may or may not work until it does, and you will understand how to fix these problems yourself in the future :)


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Hi Sam,

    the local image "file://localhost/Users/marceleskenazy/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202012-05-14%20at%203.27.31%20PM.png" was supposed to be a screenshot. How do you attach  an image to the post?

    I made an experiment and uploaded an image into one of my pages with filezilla and discovered that It is not uploading to wordpress. I dragged and dropped the image to the page but it is not on my wordpress anywhere, did a search, but nothing. So at least i know now that its not necessarily the path but that its not uploading right. I can see all my folders on filezilla that sit in Wordpress but that image is not discoverable on the wordpress site. I will have to find out what is going on with that... in the meantime, thanks for all your help, i will keep you in touch with my progress.


  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn May 2012
    this is all really a separate issue from the instructions update at this point, best to study existing threads 1st to learn from previous discussions, or start a new thread if needed

    wordpress only "knows" about images uploaded through the wordpress media upload, it has no connection to any media or other files uploaded via ftp unless you embed the link to the file in a post somehow, like with panopress for example, see the wordpress documentation for details

    to attach an image to a post here, if you do not see the "attach a file" link below the posting area, upload the image to your site or sharing service & get the url for the file like so (i linked this one off of your site)

    click on the image button in the toolbar above the posting area and paste in the link, and it will show up here like this


    anyway, to embed a pano on your test site using panopress, using the "control room" pano as an example you would use the shortcode like this

    your image is here

    your pano swf is here

    so you would use the shortcode like this

    [pano file="2012/03/Control-Room-Cubes-from-pano__out.swf" preview="2012/04/Control-Room-Cubes-from-pano__out1.png"]

    or like this with absolute URLs

    [pano file="" preview=""]

    as long as your files exist at the above URLs, the absolute URL embed should definitely work


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Hi Sam,

    Thanks so much for all your help and detaches info. I played around with the links of my panos that you kindly illustrated; they work fine as flash, but I still don't get how to go about linking/embedding panos that will work on devices. I am sure the answer is in your previous post but since I am not verse with web building I am missing something on the way and hoped that you could be more literal by using my actual file info and showing it on your screenshot to show me.

    I created a folder called Mypanotest with all the files that i created with Pano2VR for HTML5 with flash fallback etc, and FTP it to /wp-content/uploads/2012/

    On my new page I created a thumbnail (though now I am realizing why use thumbnails since it is for devices and it will end up very small on an iPhone, might as well go with the same way that you and Omer have it) and tried to link the thumbnail to the swf file as you kindly illustrated. The studio pano worked fine as a flash but I am still lost on how to link and what to link exactly with the files I have sitting at my /wp-content/uploads/2012. I followed your instructions but, like you said: "Wordpress only "knows" about images uploaded through the wordpress media upload, it has no connection to any media or other files uploaded via ftp unless you embed the link to the file in a post somehow, like with panopress for example, see the wordpress documentation for details" Please, can you send me a screenshot using the info from my screenshot to show how exactly it needs to look on a WP page? That would be most helpful.

    Thanks so much,

    I am tying to attach my screenshot with "insert image" and I get a window enter URL http:// How do I attach an image?

    I tried copy/paste and got this: file://localhost/Users/marceleskenazy/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202012-05-21%20at%201.59.37%20PM.png

    I dragged it, and got this:


    Used the link to Picasa in the "attach image" and got this:


    Here is a link to the sceenshot that I uploaded to Picasa:


  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn May 2012
    any url that starts like file://localhost is a file on your local machine and cannot be embedded in websites etc

    see my last post about the direct url embeds, seems i made a small typo (now fixed) in the example i posted, should be like this

    [pano file="" preview=""]

    just paste it into your post, try using the html editor instead of visual editor if you have any probs with that example

    otherwise, that is about as clear as i can make things, have another look through the panopress instructions, do more research on google etc, sometimes this all takes a while to sink in 


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Hi Sam,

    Thank you for being so  A,B,C with me, I needed that.

    I copied pasted your sample, however, the trick now is to make it work with panos that were outputted  to HTML5 with Pano2VR. 

    The flash version has never been the problem, its the HTML5 and the fact that it needs folders to work which wordpress can't have. Thankfully, I saw your new post "Images hosted on another server/domain - INSTRUCTIONS". I believe this is my problem since I tried it with files/folders that I FTP but nothing happened. So now I will try to understand how to make it all work. 
    FYI, this is my latest try, I switched names from the sample you gave me, so it would use the HTML5 files outputted by Pano2VR that are sitting at my FTP, but it did not work:

    [pano file=""

    I will now follow your instructions and make them all "talk".

  • marcelpanomarcelpano June 2012
    Good news!

    I have finally made it work the way I want to!

    I must have missed something somewhere in the discussions because I could not make it work right. So here it is, this is the way to make panopress work right with panos from Pano2VR:

    Assuming that all your files are sitting in the /wp-content/uploads/2012/06/... what I discovered by experimenting is that xml needs to be switched with swf like this:

    [pano file="" preview=""]

    perhaps its obvious for those of you who are literate, but it wasn't obvious for me.

    So here it is, for beginners like me:

    Assuming all your files have been uploaded via FTP and that your files have been properly generated with Pano2VR,

    New page, name it. In the visual tab press the little PP located above the blog window, and in the window that pops up, insert your info in the first line: "File". This is what I pasted:" preview="

    The extra letters were automatically generated and I got this:

    [pano file="" preview=""]

    (this is obvious, but just in case, "play" is the name of my pano, insert yours instead).

    I hope this helps.

    PS. I only tested this on my computer and iPhone, I hope it works with the iPad...

  • Hi, i'm italian and i would like to know if is possible to test panopress plugin on wordpress 3.4 in local. 
    I'm save my directory with kolor panotour files (VT.swf VT.xml and all the files and directory from kolorpanotour output) in "VT_Civ_Samb_4Mar12" and save this directory in onother named VT that is under:
    wp-content --> uploads (the default directory of the plugin)

    so in a new page i insert this code:

    [pano file=”VT/VT_Civ_Samb_4Mar12/VT.swf”]
    not work: display nothing

    [pano file=”VT/VT_Civ_Samb_4Mar12/VT.xml”]
    not work: display nothing

    [pano file=”VT/VT_Civ_Samb_4Mar12/VT.html”]

    so i thought maybe possilble that the plugin don't work in local.

    is it right?

  • and in my wordpress when i write in the page i can't see the !"pp" button.
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn June 2012
    if panopress is installed and activated and you cannot see the [pp] button in the wordpress visual editor toolbar and the shortcode does not render a pano or even print an error, then your local install may be faulty

    unless you are very proficient in configuring a local server it may be best to first test panopress on a normal commercial server using wordpress default theme & no other plugins to make sure other plugins, themes, or server config are not causing your problem

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Hi, thanks for the replay. The botton [pp] is present but in visual tab (i have the page set in html mode). The problem now is when i click on insert nothing happen and all the content of  fislds disapear.

    this is some of the output of browser.


    the code after "base" is the directory where my virtual tour html file si saved? or ?
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn June 2012
    is wordpress printing this code to your rendered page, or is it from page source ?

    can you try on a non local server as i described above so we can eliminate your local server environment as a possible cause ?


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • the code is from firebug. After some test (with wp local installation) i conclude:

    - if i write an external link (es. http://path_of_pano.html) the plugin work but with local path don't work.

    - insert a pano via the funcion [pp] don't work in all the case.

    when i load my wp in the web i re-test [pp] function
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn July 2012
    thanks for the feedback, it may help us determine why panopress sometimes has probs w local server installs - more info like which local server are you running, what host environment etc may be helpful too 

    we cannot possibly test and support every possible local server app or config ourselves of course, and properly configuring a WAMP server for wordpress is another topic altogether and somewhat beyond the scope of this forum, so we rely on user feedback here

    see the linked posts for more info on using panopress & wordpress with local server like WAMP which is reported working, XAMPP is reported NOT working, no reports so far about LAMP, MAMP, etc

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • emaademaad July 2012


    I have installed wordpress, panopress latest beta on my hosting server. I have created a Panoramas folder in my


    Uploaded a panorama named entrance


    Now I try to embed it in my page using visual assistance of PP. When I click on insert button it works, reloads page with blank entries. But when I try to view my page there is no panorama. Please! Guide me as what I am doing wrong. I am a novice user of websites but still worked to install wordpress and panopress on website. Now really struck for many days. Please! Accept my apology and take me out of this :)))))))  

  • emaademaad July 2012

    Please note  

    wp-content\uploads\panoramas\entrance        folder contains all files .js .xml .html and tiles folder created by krpano droplet

  • emaademaad July 2012


    i am working :) Using PP in visual mode was no success for me....dont know why. Today I tried short code method by getting some web help. Now my page shows Play button and when i click, it opens a window.....shows downloading data from my website....but does not show anything ever after minutes. I am using panopress "wp-content\uploads\" setting. Reply me when you get any time from your busy schedule. Meanwhile I am working/trying/guessing......:))))

  • emaademaad July 2012


    Got it!!! Now my panorama showing in windows. I was making mistake in shortcode. I was using .swf extension in shortcode. Just changed it to .xml and wow it works now. Thanks