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PanoTour Pro + PanoPress - INSTRUCTIONS
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn June 2011
    May 2012 note - as of PanoPress 1.0b1, you can embed PanoTour Pro flash & html5 virtual tours using the projects html file like so - 

    [pano file="path/build/virtualtour.html"]

    [pano file="path/build/virtualtour.html" preview="path/build/preview.jpg"]

    also note that you must upload all PanoTour Pro files using an FTP client, such as cyberduck or filezilla to upload the complete tour to your site - contact your webhost if you are unfamiliar with using FTP

    Thanks to Alexandre & Gérald at Kolor i've had a chance to test PanoTour Pro, & it is working just fine with PanoPress, SWF + HTML5, and all plugins, sound etc which i have tested work fine on my iPad, just requires a few small adjustments to your project, these changes are only needed for swf+HTML5 projects, flash-only projects works right out of the box with no alterations needed :)

    here is a working flash + HTML5 example <- works perfectly w ipad :)

    embedded like this - 

    [pano file="build/virtualtour.xml" title="xxx"]

    and the small changes needed to the PTP output below -

    note that you should have global swf turned off in panopress prefs, global swf may work, but will need more adjustments to xml & file structure

    revised july/13/2011

    1 - create krpanoiphone.js w embedded licence, rename to match project swf

    first, you need to create a krpanoiphone.js file with an embedded license, not with a separate krpanoiphone.license.js file, this combined file can be created with krpanotools droplets, or see this comment to create the combined  file without krpanotools

    make sure you are using the same version of krpanotools as used by your version of panotour pro, currently krpano

    PanoTour Pro 1.6.1RC
    2011-04-11 - krpano Tools - Release Candidate

    rename this combined js file so it matches your swf, if you have my-pano.swf in your PTP project folder, name your combined iphone js file to my-pano.js and put it in the same folder as my-pano.swf

    2 - adjust xml paths for html5 javascript player 

    note - these xml changes no longer required in PTP 1.6.1 RC2 - july 13 2011

    open your projects xml files, and look for lines that reference mp3 files like this

    <action name="playpanosounds">

    you must add %BASEDIR% to the front of the url for any mp3 files like this

    <action name="playpanosounds">

    you may need to append %BASEDIR% to some other paths as well, any errors popping up can usually be fixed this way

    and thats it, hopefully we can eliminate theses small changes needing to be made either in panopress or panotour pro, stay tuned

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • You're fast, thanks for the dedication... Going to try this today. 

    Much thanks,

  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn June 2011
    thanks, keep us posted

    if you have any further probs here w plugins i haven't tested etc, use the safari activity viewer w user agent set to iPad or something similar to see which files are requested by the browser but not being loaded and from what location the browser is attempting to load them from, and then adjust your XML accordingly - you can also make these changes in your PTP XML templates so all future PTP output will be compatible with panopress

    as for the krpanoiphone.js & krpanoiphone.licence.js needing to be combined and renamed with krpanotools, we will work w kolor to resolve this asap and hope to have 100% perfect out of the box compatibility w panotour pro in the future :)


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Hi,

    Great, got this working by doing the above as detailed below (for anyone not familiar with krpanotools) and the following:

    - downloaded krpanotools demo mode and created a tour with the MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL) droplet by dragging any pano file in. Grabbed the tour.js file out of the folder to work with. Then can just rename it as necessary for any tour (at least that's my understanding at the moment). 

    - edited the generic.html file that is created with PTP for each tour as follows:

    - find this <script src="swfobject/swfkrpano.js"></script> 
    - edit it to this <script src="TEST.js"></script> (obviously changing the capitalised letters to whatever your tour is named)

    - Feel free to delete the swfobject folder and swfkrpano.js contained within it.

    - Also delete the redundant krpanoiphone.js and krpano.license.js files

    - Job done. Works great. I had no need to adjust for plugin .js files but will explore that too when the time comes. Just wanted to add in the html renaming here for clarity and ABC'ers like me.

    Will have a bit more of a play in different sites.

    Thanks hugely to Sam and the gang. Quick and clear work. 

    As I'm clearly not from a programming background do correct me if I'm wrong. Although my test is now working sweetly (tested on mac safari via develop/user agent and iphone4 itself). 

  • Just to add, obviousy the html edit is only required if you want to run the tour via that file for other uses :)

  • GrantGrant July 2011
    Thanks for the quick solution to this Sam, appreciated. I'll be trying it when I get back home in a few days.
  • GrantGrant July 2011
    All working thanks and gyro enabled. Is there a limit of only one iDevice enabled tour per Wordpress page?  I am not able to see the other previews/tours that I have included on the same page when viewed on iPad (they are there on PC) I only see the first tour.
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn July 2011
    one html5 pano displayed per page is apparently a limitation of krpano html5 js, and quite possibly an ipad memory limit or somesuch...


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • GrantGrant July 2011
    ok thanks Sam
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn July 2011
    note - 

    i have revised the above instructions, my early testing was w an earlier version of krpanoiphone.js which needed more path mods than the current version, the only modification needed is to mp3 paths, and even this may be cleared up in future versions of krpano

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn July 2011
    updated again, new panotour pro 1.6.1 RC2 fixes the xml paths with mp3 files for panopress, all you need do as is add combined krpano iphone js & license file, we hope to fix that soon too


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • edufrickedufrick July 2011
    Sam, there are days when I'm reading and rereading these instructions and I´m failing to do panopress work on my Iphone.Please see
    Still can not understand how to use
    krpanotools to create a JS with embedded license. Whenever I try to use the droplet to make the JS, two error messages appear: krpano.license and krpanotools.license  were not found. Do I have to acquire another license of Krpano? (I bought one when I got the Panotour Pro) Would not it be simpler to use a text editor to edit the JS and embed the license?
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn July 2011
    hey ed -

    the combined license file that krpanotools creates also contains info for embedding the js, so we also need the contents of the swfobject/swfkrpano.js file from your panotour pro project output folder

    to create your own krpano combined iphone js + license file compatible with panopress, do the following

    open the following files from your ptp project folder -


    create a new text file with the extension .js, name it to match the primary xml file (same as project swf name) you are embedding and copy-paste in the text from the 3 ptp files to your new combined file in the following order, your file should look something like this when finished

    krpano Flash/HTML5 Embedding script
    krpano (build 2010-11-24)
    *** EMBED INFO HERE ***
    // krpano javascript viewer license
    /* krpanoJS (build 2011-05-20) */

    make sure there are no extra line breaks, spaces, etc

    once you have created this combined file, you may reuse it in other projects

    thats it, let me know if that works for you

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn July 2011
    UPDATE - the above instructions to create combined js file were a bit incorrect, they have now been fixed 

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • edufrickedufrick July 2011
    YES! GOT IT! Thanks Sam
  • silviuzsilviuz December 2011
    Hi Everybody,
    I'm quite new at this so...some little questions.
    How many and what kind of files (or folder) should "produce" Panotour Pro to have the right packet for web publishing (on Wordpress)?
    What kind of tuning i have to do in Panotour Pro to have this files?
    Do i have to use Panotour Pro 1.6.1 RC2 or is it good also 1.7??
    Thanks a lot
  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn December 2011
    as of panopress 1.0b1 you can embed panotour pro (and other) .html files directly, panotour pro will typically output a folder containing swf, xml, html etc and the html file can be directly embedded like so

    [pano file="path/build/virtualtour.html"]

    without the need to create the combined js file or otherwise alter the project in any way


    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City
  • sisksisk December 2011
    Hi Guys,
    I am having a bit of difficulty with the Panobox. It is working, however I get a huge bit of text in the upper left of the box that says in huge bold text, "Project: virtualtour. My title is in the lower left in tiny text. Here is the shortcode:

    [pano file="/wp-content/my-pano/build5/virtualtour.html" title="Toro10" preview="" panobox="on"]

    Is my error obvious to you?
    Richard Sisk  
  • sisksisk December 2011
    I should have mentioned that I am using Panotour Pro and the Wordpress Suffusion theme.
  • sisksisk December 2011
    OK. I think I have determined that this is a Panotour issue. That is annoying as it was not an issue in the older version.
  • tolomotolomo April 2012
    I have some problem with Panotour and Panopress.
    Panotour creates some folders full of .jpg files and the file.swf of course.
    Maybe the question is stupid but what I have to do with all the .jpg files? Without them the file.swf doesn't work with Panopress!

  • Sam+RohnSam Rohn April 2012
    all panotour or other project directories & files need to be uploaded to your server as created on your local machine, via ftp, look at the cyberduck or filezilla applications & tutorials if you are not familiar w ftp

    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City