Subway Musician, New York City :: 360 Photography © 2010 Sam Rohn

To embed Pano2VR HTML5 / WebGL / Flash panoramas and tours, use the path to your html file, make sure you choose all appropriate options when choosing your output format and all make sure you upload all needed files to your server via ftp

[pano file="path/my-pano.html"]

Stand alone SWF Flash panoramas (no HTML5) can be uploaded via WordPress media uploader and embedded directly by using the SWF path, no FTP required

[pano file="path/my-pano.swf"]

you may also embed Pano2VR projects containing an XML file by using the xml path, but you may have to adjust some paths in your XML to avoid loading errors

[pano file="path/my-pano.xml"]

see the Pano2VR website for tutorials on how to create panoramas with Pano2VR, examples, & visit their forums if you have any questions about using Pano2VR to create panoramas for use with PanoPress

see the PanoPress instructions for more info on using the PanoPress shortcode