Cunard Hall NYC 2009 360°  Panoramic Photography © Sam Rohn

PanoPress supports all KRPano multires, virtual tours, HTML5, WebGL, flat gigapan and other panoramas produced with the KRPano tools MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) and other droplets, as well as projects codeed by hand

create the panorama directory inside wp-content as shown in the image, set this as your panorama directory in PanoPress settings

upload your project as shown


use the shortcode like this to embed your pano as XML, note that .xml embeds may require some path adjustments within your xml file if you see any loading errors in your pano –

[pano file="panoramas/my-pano/my-pano.xml"]

or like this to embed embed your pano as HTML, no xml adjustments should be needed when using html embeds –

[pano file="panoramas/my-pano/my-pano.html"]