PanoPress Global SWF mode

KRPano Multires

PanoPress Global SWF mode must be turned on in PanoPress admin settings, and will only work with Krpano, Global SWF Mode will likely also require editing paths in your xml files

Global Swf allows you to use only one swf + js file for all the panoramas displayed on your site, which allows for easily updating the panorama display engine & javascript in one location, no need for separate swf + js alongside xml in every project folder

if using global swf mode, upload your krpano.swf + krpano.js files to your krpano upload directory.

use the krpano droplets to create swf & js files w embedded license, rename the created files to krpano.swf + krpano.js, set the folder in the PanoPress settings and upload the files via ftp as shown