The Gates, Central Park NYC :: 2005 – 360° Panoramic Photography © Sam Rohn

embed Flashificator or Flash Panorama Player with .html file like this

[pano file="my-pano/my-pano.html"]

for XML embeds, see the general instructions for xml files

see this post for flashificator info

heres a brief description of general fpp usage w global swf –

upload your fpp.swf (renamed flash panorama player pano.swf) like this –

upload your panoramas like this –
wp-content/panorama/my-pano/cube-face.jpg etc

the xml file need only call the pano images, skin elements, etc

if you want to use a global skin, you will prob need to set the paths in your xml to something like ../global/skin/button.png

use the shortcode like this –

[pano file="my-pano/my-pano.xml"]